How Does the Environment Affect Lupus?

Your genes may increase the chances that you get lupus, but an environmental trigger is required to put the disease in action. Meaning, there are circumstances when the environment around you causes a “dormant” lupus disease to arise. There is no proof that you get lupus from the environment directly, only that the environment triggers the disease to flare. Some common environmental triggers that may cause you to get lupus are:

  • ultraviolet rays from the sun
  • ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulbs
  • smoking or second-hand smoke
  • stress and overworking yourself
  • new medications or stopping medications
  • injuries or infections

Although there are many environmental triggers that have been observed, there are several that are common among most lupus patients:

  • exposure to the sun
  • infection
  • pregnancy
  • giving birth
  • a drug taken to treat an illness

Like many other chronic diseases, you can cause the lupus disease to flare when your body is working too hard and is tired. You get lupus when your body is overworked. Learn how to cope with lupus and avoid lupus triggers by surrounding yourself with a positive, relaxing environment.


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