How Lupus Affects Your Body

Lupus doesn’t target just one specific part of your body. In fact, lupus can affect the entire body. Some of the main areas potentially affected by lupus are the brain and central nervous system, eyes, nose and mouth, and heart.

Brain and Central Nervous System

Lupus symptoms such as headaches, depression, confusion, mood swings, seizures and even stroke can be attributed to problems with the brain and central nervous system. Most of these systems can be treated and even reversed with medication.


Lupus can cause various problems in a patient’s eyes. Common problems are dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, blocked tear ducts and other issues, such as blurred or impaired vision and even vision loss. Regular eye examinations can help prevent more severe problems.

Nose and Mouth

Upwards of 90% of all lupus patients experience sores and lesions inside their nose or mouth. Canker sores are common occurrences with most people, but those with lupus may experience them more frequently.


One of the leading causes of death of lupus patients is heart disease. Lupus can cause inflammation in certain parts of the heart that can result in heart disease. One of the best ways to prevent heart disease is regular exercise and to stop smoking.



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